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Welcome to Little Pee Dee Nursery 

Little Pee Dee Nursery specialises in hardy natives and exotics with a great range to choose from at great prices.

Many of the plants that are sold in the nursery have been grown in the Little Pee Dee Gardens. With 6 acres of gardens no wonder the O'Sullivan's are so passionate about their plants. The plants for sale in the nursery are hardened off for our climate, majority of them are fully sun hardened and they are also use to minimal watering.

A diverse range of plants from large trees to seedlings are kept in stock for your convenience. Larger quantities are also kept in stock for hedges and large landscaping jobs.

We also stock a range of  pots now at reasonable prices! From 100mm pots for in the house to large pots for outdoors we have quite a range to choose from.

Looking for something special? If we don't have it in stock we are more than willing to try and source the plant for you.

We also have gift vouchers for sale, if you are unsure what that special person wants.

Garden clubs / Bus trips are more than welcome to make an appointment through the weekdays to visit the nursery.

Pop in and see us for a great deal.

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